Protection For Young Children During Sport

Despite the vast amount of protection we give our young children, at some point they are bound to attempt some mischievous exploit or challenging sport that will result in injury. Today parents are seen to introduce their children to sport and other physically challenging activities from a very young age. Young children start training competitively for ballet and acrobatics from the tender age of four or five. As a result, many young children and teenagers experience broken limbs, bodily injury and tooth loss through play or sport as a result of their active lifestyles. While accepting these occurrences as a part of the growing up experience, there are many additional precautions parents can take.

Protective gear during play and sport

While the loss of a tooth can be fixed with dentist in Nedlands and a broken hand can be set with a cast, you will want to take every precaution to prevent your child from experiencing these unfortunate accidents to begin with. When your children go out to sports practices, insist on them wearing a suitable mouth guards to protect their teeth, helmets to protect their heads, appropriate padding, goggles, harnesses and shoes. In the event a child does experience a minor injury at school however medical technology is equipped to deal with most incidents immediately. If your child is involved in heavy sports it is important to make sure that your child is well insured because casts, dental implants Perth and hospital stays can cost quite a bit.

Other safety precautions

Although most schools will often teach children the importance of pre preparation before taking part in physical activities, most children do not understand the severity of their teacher’s requests and at most times will not heed their warnings. As a parent it is your responsibility to ensure that your child follows appropriate steps such as sufficient warm up exercises before sport to ensure they sport does not cause trauma to their muscles while playing and the importance of staying hydrated at all times to prevent heat exhaustion which although preventable is sadly, very common. Additionally, ensure that your child understands the value of always wearing sunscreen while playing in the sun and explain in detail the consequences of not doing so such as skin cancer.

If your child is active and plays regular sport make sure that their everyday meals compliment their lifestyles. Ensure that your child is getting a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Proteins can be found in beans, lentils and nuts while carbohydrates and vitamins are abundant in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.