Difference Between Compounding And Manufacturing

There have been a lot of stories in the media in the last few years about compounded medications and its effect on people. There have been reports of people suffering from adverse effects after taking such medications. However, it is important to note that compounded medications have their place and for some people, they may be life savers.

There are people who suffer from medical conditions that may not be treated with available medications in its present concentration. Compounding will be done, if a need to modify the content of a medication arises. Although many people think of compounded medications as gels or capsules, they can also come as liquids to be drunk or injected.

For many patients it is difficult to understand when a medication is compounded. From the view point of a patient, a medicine is good enough whether it is manufactured or compounded. However, there is a difference between compounded drugs and manufactured medications. Manufactured medications are those that are produced in large batches under the strict respect of FDA rules. Manufactured medications must respect strict quality and safety standards to be FDA approved. Compounded medications on the other hand may be produced in small batches by a compounding company or in house by the compounding chemist Indooroopilly of the pharmacy. Compounding is done under the watchful eyes of a pharmacy board. While there are regulations and standards to be respected, there are sometimes variations in the level to which pharmacies apply required standards.

Ideally, those who are in need of compound medication are advised to research the facility they intend to use for the purchase. Most especially, hospitals and pharmacies that have to use external sources o get compounded medication must ensure they are working with a recognized and reputable compounding company. Generally there are helpful guidelines issued by relevant authorities on the subject that can help hospital facilities and pharmacies make the right choice when it comes to working with compounding companies.

It is very true that there is a need for compounded medications. There are many patients whose life depends on it. That is why governments all over are doing their best to ensure that patients do not suffer from life threatening adverse effects that are a result of using such medications.

There have been cases of people developing serious health conditions as a result of using such medications. However, there is a real need for such medications. As such pharmacies and hospitals alike have the responsibility of ensuring that they buy from only approved reputable compounding companies. There are many of such companies around. A little bit of searching will lead any interested person to the right company.